lunedì 22 aprile 2013

evil bear

in sequence assignment

For this assignment we had to come up with a small gag, draw the main poses that the character would assume during the acting and animate part of the whole thing. The timing between one pose and the other is not great, and (in the animated part) i think it would have been more effective if i had made his head turn slower when looking at the dinamite, but overall, i'm pretty pleased with how the animation looks like.

layout portfolio

Ronald the fat rat

This is the last character design for this semester of school. I think the roughs look way better than the final cleaned-up version. I'm not completely happy with how it looks, it seems to lack in details; i probably should have added a pair of pants, just to define better his shape. On the other hand, i kinda like the sqishy feeling of his belly, and the super huge cheeks

character in setting

Dear reader, if you're thinking of painting a character on acetate paper DO NOT DO IT.


I'm not really into painting but this "101 dalmatian style" makes my bad work look a little bit better. I wish i spent more time on the wall texture - i really rushed it- and to get it done i barely mixed the paint, that's why it changes colour from a brilliant blue to an almost black tone.

random sketches

I really enjoyed experimenting with pen (and coloured pencil), it gives you the possibility to have a wide range of textures very quickly, plus it's a simple medium to control. i'll probably do some more of these weird sketches during summer!

Thomas O'Malley

This is a study i did for the head turn assignment we had to do at school at the beginning of the semester. It was quite difficult to find him with a neutral expression since he's ALWAYS smiling in the movie, but overall, i had a lot of fun drawing him!